Frequently Asked Blog Questions – Summer Krushing

What is your favorite part of New York?

I think what I most enjoy about New York is the diversity and history of the city. Places like Chinatown and Little Italy are just not replicable in any other parts of the world. New York’s history is so rich in the arts and business and everything in between that there is just always something to soak in or become a part of.

What type of music do you personally listen to?

If you remember some of the bands from the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush 2011 concert series like Coldplay, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Bush & Chevelle, Lenny Kravitz, and The Avett Brothers then you can start to get a taste of the type of music I enjoy. For the blog’s sake I will call it eclectic mainstream.

What methods do you feel are the best to capture fate or channel destiny?

I personally am enjoying various forms of meditation at the moment. I think meditation can really open up the mind and body not only to new experiences but it also creates an energy and happiness that encourages positive travels. Using meditation to get to know myself better has allowed for my life’s journey to be so much more rewarding, at least from my perspective.

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