An Introducion To My Blog – My Favorite Parts of Samsung AT&T Summer Krush 2011

As mentioned this blog was largely due to events that unfolded at the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush 2011 concert series. While I explain the reason for starting the blog in the author introduction I also wanted to share some of my favorite moments I experienced while attending the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush 2011 concert series. Not only did I hear a lot of great music but I met my future wife so this event will always carry a special memory in my heart.

Favorite Moment #1: Seeing Lenny Kravitz perform in New York, NY at Terminal 5

Getting to see one of my favorite performers of all time rock out in one of the best concert venues I have ever been to was truly an amazing experience. This concert also happened to be around the time Kravitz released his “Black and White America” album so there was tons of great new tunes from Lenny to take in. I love Kravitz unique approach and style and it was inspiring and humbling to see it all in action up close and personal.

Favorite Moment #2: The Jimmy Kimmel Live! ‘Opening Act’ Contest

Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the time was already one of my favorite shows on TV so him being a part of one of my favorite concert series was just an added bonus. It feels like I can remember the summer of 2011 as if it was yesterday and watching the new, up-and-coming unsigned musicians perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was an exciting time to be discovering new music. If my memory serves me right I remember the winner of the contest would be the opening act for the highly-anticipated Samsung AT&T Summer Krush grand finale concert event in Seattle, WA. I forgot who won but I do remember staying up at night watching Kimmel and listening to some great bands.

Favorite Moment #3: The Samsung Infuse 4G AT&T Exclusive Release

The funny thing about this moment is it happened because I lost my iPhone at the concert. The entire details of the story are revealed in my blog author intro but the losing of my Apple smartphone somehow lead me to a Samsung device and I have used similar smartphones ever since. I started taking amazing pictures with my Samsung and have never looked back since.

Have any fun and memorable concert or music experiences? Would love to have you share them with my readers! Send them on over on the contact page. So fun to relive the good old days!

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