About Me

Hi, My name Samuel Tullar and I am a full time student with a part time job, a dog, and a long standing Girlfriend (soon to be fiance) living in New York City. Right out the gate I will explain the name of the blog as this is one of the questions I most often get asked about. So the story goes I was attending the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush 2001 concert series and I lost my iPhone and yes I am aware of the irony here. Well the good news I happened upon a young women who noticed my predicament and was kind enough to loan me her phone to try and assist in location mine. It was a completely chance meeting that I can only describe as luck and fate moving me in the right path. Well to make a long, long story short this random conversation and need for help lead me to meeting my soon to be wife. Since the chance meeting changed the course of my life forever I decided to name my personal blog after that one fateful moment in 2011 to always remind myself of the power of destiny. On my blog we will explore life living in New York City (always interesting), my love for concerts and music and some cheerful ramblings about the higher powers of the world. You just never know who or where you will meet the next person to change your life.

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Samuel Tullar